Current Term Priorities

Caring for the Community Since 1956

Term Priorities
The NSCA board has developed a list of priorities for the 2020-21 term intended to help bring the community together and to address issues raised by North Springfield residents. This term's priorities include:
  • Continuing to work with Fairfax County‚Äôs DPWES and Fairfax County Park Authority on the Flag Run restoration and park clean up.
  • Developing a formalized tutoring program between the community and North Springfield Elementary School students (in collaboration with the NSES Administration and PTA).
  • Proposing to membership that NSCA work with Fairfax County Police on the development of a strikeforce targeting commercial vehicles parked in our residential neighborhood (similar to Program TARGET focused on out-of-state vehicles belonging to County residents).
  • Increasing outreach to renters.
  • Offering enhanced social events previously offered such as a bike rodeo/safety workshop, a local business expo, the post-Halloween grand illumination, and the Cultural Festival.
  • Filling unfilled board positions and finding my successor for the 2020-21 term.