About NSCA

Caring for the Community Since 1956

The North Springfield Civic Association (NSCA) has served the needs of the North Springfield community since 1956, a year after the community was formed. NSCA seeks to preserve the quality of the neighborhood, keep the community informed on issues impacting us, and advocate for the community at all levels of government.
NSCA is incorporated in the State of Virginia as a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit community organization. Officers and committee members are not compensated for their time. All of our efforts are done as a community service on a volunteer basis. 
NSCA serves the community by offering a wide variety of programs & services, including but not limited to:
  • Plan social events designed to connect the community
  • Operate an active Neighborhood Watch
  • Provide community services like the annual Clean Up Day that allows residents to dispose of large bulk items, saving $50 usually incurred by private trash collection companies.
  • Enhance the beauty of North Springfield in order to preserve and improve NS property values
  • Assist the County with enforcing County Code by reminding residents of zoning ordinances and other regulations in a neighborly way.
  • Coordinate with elected officials on constituent services benefiting the community.
  • Keeping the community informed and connected via multiple communications channels.
Unlike a homeowners association (HOA), North Springfield has a civic association. Membership is voluntary, and annual dues are an extremely affordable $15 per household per calendar year (as opposed to mandatory HOA assessments that are normally hundreds of dollars per month). NSCA does not create rules like and HOA but works with Fairfax County to enforce its code and zoning ordinances. (See our Recommended Neighborhood Standards).