NSCA Bylaws and Other Documents

Caring for the Community Since 1956

NSCA's bylaws are its governing document. Bylaws cover NSCA's purpose, structure, officer duties, election process, membership criteria, and other relevant information about the civic association. View NSCA's bylaws.
Covenants & Recommended Neighborhood Standards
When North Springfield was founded in 1955, the developers established covenants to give the neighborhood a more unified look. Over time, these covenants were, unfortunately, not conveyed to new owners during home sales. As a result, many residents do not realize that these covenants exist.
In April 2016, NSCA developed Recommended Neighborhood Standards to adopt the same shirt of the original covenants but tying standards to Fairfax County Code and Zoning Ordinances. While NSCA does not have regulatory authority like an HOA, NSCA works with the County to enforce code and regulations.
60th Anniversary White Paper
In 2015, NSCA embarked on a year-long celebration of NSCA's 60th anniversary from 2015-16. This was a rare opportunity to reflect on where NSCA began and how far it had come. During this reflection period, the NSCA board compiled a detailed timeline list of accomplishments and also drafted a white paper overview to explain the numerous contributions made to the community.
Audit Report
NSCA provides several social and service-oriented programs for the community and relies on voluntary dues and donations to make these a reality. NSCA averages between 16% - 18% membership annually out of a community of 2,210 homes. Approximately 46% of NSCA expenditures are spent on printing and delivering newsletters – something the board is trying to lower through electronic newsletter delivery. Additionally, 15% of expenditures went towards beautification costs to care for the common areas of the community. NSCA's bylaws (Article VI, Section 5) state, "Following the May meeting, the books shall be audited by three (3) members of the Association in good standing, at least one of whom shall be an accountant. The auditors shall be selected by the President, who shall provide the Board of Directors with a written report of the audit within one month of the audit’s completion. This audit report shall be available to the public upon request."